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The Muddy Boots Podcast

Check out our Number 1 podcast, Muddy Boots, for topical debate on all things EPL and more. The Clubhouse brings you a host of audio and video material to keep on top of what is happening in the world of soccer!

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Reward your players- great ideas for the end of the season

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Sideline - Insight, Challenger Chatter, Featured, Sideline - How To, Sideline - List, Sideline - Product Review

Kevin Nutting provides coaches and parents with some great ideas on how to reward every player at the end of the season. Finish with some positive memories!

How do you end your season? How did you make sure everyone is happy? We spoke to Kevin Nutting, Challenger Teamwear Vice President who has some simple yet genius ways to make sure EVERY PLAYER finishes on a positive!

After a long hard season it’s always nice to end the season on a positive note.  It’s the perfect time to celebrate and thank the players (and parents) for all their time commitment and hard work.

Holding a small awards ceremony is a great way to highlight both individual achievements and those of the team, and there are many different ways you can recognise and reward players’ contributions.

While some players may have excelled on the field, others may have been fundamental to team success in other ways.  With younger players in particular, it’s a good idea to include every player so that everybody comes away feeling valued and looking forward to the next season.

To help end the season on a positive note, here are some soccer award ideas to acknowledge each player’s individual contribution over the season.

Soccer Award Ideas

It’s not unusual for leagues to have a small budget set aside for buying awards and there are quite a lot of things you can do to reward your players without breaking the bank.  Or if this is just for your team the options are often inexpensive.   

Challenger Teamwear has a full selection of End of Season awards and here are some ideas for prizes and awards that you could hand out at the end of the season:

  1. Small Soccer Medals
  2. Small Soccer Trophies
  3. Printed Sac Pac with the league logo
  4. Bright colored socks
  5. Soccer ball

Contact a sales rep about the options above

While kids certainly enjoy receiving these rewards for their hard work and commitment, the words that accompany them are just as important as it’s often the positive recognition that they will remember.  

However, ‘kids will be kids’ and so a physical award will certainly be appreciated!

You can contact one of our team to look at any of the options Kevin talks about above by clicking here.

To learn more about other Challenger Teamwear products and services please click here.